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Insight, personal growth, and freedom.

People work with therapists for various reasons.The specific issues, per individual, could manifest in any number of ways (anxiety, relationship conflicts, sleeplessness, problematic eating patterns, physical stress-related illness, addiction, depression, etc).

Regardless of which issues manifest, the central feature is that people want change. Entering into therapy is a courageous step. The yield of therapeutic work includes: deeper insights, a more harmonious life experience, more confidence in navigating life decisions, relief from symptoms of emotional distress, a sense of freedom and personal growth.

My work as a therapist involves psychoeducation combined with a nourishing environment to promote growth and change.

I strive to create a safe, supportive, and confidential setting that allows an individual to explore

areas of concern, and I share the knowledge I have gathered in researching how people overcome life’s obstacles to grow towards their best selves. I most often employ mindfulness - based strategies and Cognitive - Behavioral techniques.

Hold Your Own. An idiom that used to imply hard-headedness has come to mean something more beautiful to me in my practice of psychotherapy.

What we come to do here is to truly hold our own; claim our own, with compassionate strength. We learn to say, “this one’s mine….

This is what I believe… Here is what I think is important.” This is my spirit, my passion, my meaning, my relationships, my family, my liabilities, my strengths. This is my story, and I hold it with radical acceptance, true and unconditional.

In many ways, psychotherapy is about searching for one’s authentic self and allowing for a new range of energy, spontaneity, freedom, and connection with others.

I'm looking forward to speaking with you about your personal journey toward greater comfort
and freedom.